Friday, December 14, 2007

Would you please pass me the BROWNIE?

You remember those things you used to eat before you starting watching your fat and calorie intake? They were full of rich chocolate, sometimes with icing on top... The wonderful smell would fill the whole house. You bit into it. It was warm and moist, and you had to lick the chocolate goo from your fingers after you enjoyed each savory bite. That's right...I'm talking about brownies.

How long has it been since you've had one and DIDN'T feel guilty afterwards? Months? Maybe years?

Well, those days are behind you, thanks to the nutritional geniouses at Apex Fitness.

The Iced Chocolate Brownie Delight is handmade using real Hershey's Chocolate. Each brownie is nutrient rich and contains more protein than two eggs. That's right...a PROTEIN brownie! With no aftertaste...and it's amazing!

They are best used when unable to eat a meal and/or before workouts. They can also be used to increase daily caloric intake when unable to do so by consuming whole food. These brownies make a satisfying, nutritious dessert. Because of their convenience, nutrition, and great taste, they are an optimal meal replacement or supplement...

Here's the dirty details :)

calories 230 carbs 27g
protein 13g fat 8g (0g trans fat)

**For additional goodness, stick in in the microwave for 15 seconds. You will be absolutely amazed!!**

They can be purchased online at or at your local 24 Hour Fitness location! Check them out today!